The gaming industry has experienced considerable growth the past few years. And while some people have been predicting huge growth within certain new sectors, it seems that the gaming industry has still not experienced anything massively revolutionary. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean that something isn’t around the corner. There are things that are becoming more and more popular.

VR (Virtual Reality)

To those that haven’t heard of it.. This is what VR is.

Virtual reality

It’s the thing where you put on some funny looking goggles and make a fool out of yourself. Basically, you immerse yourself in a three-dimensional (3D) world with the goal of being in a better world than the one we are in. You no longer have to just play games, but you can now live inside the games.

Despite the fact that it’s still not that widely used, VR brought in over $300 million in 2017, while global investment into VR and AR (augmented reality) reached upwards of $2.3 billion in 2018. Even though VR is mainly focused within the gaming industry at the moment, many tech experts predict that it will be used in many other industries with use cases in medicine and even driving lessons.

Accessible Gaming

Accessible Gaming

With the world becoming more and more understanding of disabilities, there is a growing need to ensure that gaming is accessible to all. Microsoft recently released the adaptive controller which aims to allow people with disabilities to play video games comfortably. The controller allows you to hook up external devices such as switches and joysticks and customise controls in a way that would comfortably suit the gamer.

It’s currently only compatible with Windows 10 computers and xBox One consoles, the aim for Microsoft is to have it available for everyone, including people with Playstation 4’s and Nintendo game consoles. The project leader, Evelyn Thomas, said the following: “I want this to work on Sony, I want this to work on Nintendo. I want it to work everywhere, because the gamer wins when that happens.”

Battle Royale Game Modes

Battle Royale Games

This type of game mode has only experienced considerable growth very recently. Games such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds created a huge growth within this market. This genre involves players falling into an open battlefield, finding loot and weapons and then killing everyone that comes in their way. The aim of the game is to be the last one surviving, as the map gets smaller and smaller.

Fortnite’s major success resulted in them offering $1,000,000 in prize winnings for their first e-sports style tournament. This attracted a lot of big names and famous video gamers to compete head to head for the prize money.