Video Game Tester from Home

A lot of people dream of being able to work from home. And gamers dream of being able to work in the gaming industry. What if I told you that there is a possibility to combine both of these?

I came across a very interesting company called CC GameTesters. This is the the exact opportunity they are offering. You can make your application directly on their website and seem to currently be offering jobs for people in the UK and the US. They also seem to have in-office jobs and remote jobs, meaning you can make a decision of whether or not you want to work from home or in an office environment (depending on your location).

What is needed to Become a Game Tester?

They seem to have a blog post that explains exactly what is needed here. But here’s a summary:

You need to be able to adapt to play a variety of games. Playing the same type of games doesn’t seem to be an option. Furthermore, the suitable candidates need to be able to remain focused and pay attention to the smaller details. Playing games for fun is very different to playing games for a living. You may not notice the small visual bug when you’re playing at your own leisure, but when it’s your job, it’s vital that you spot them.

Communication skills also seem to be very important. Which is understandable. You’d need to be able to communicate with the employer to ensure that you remain on target and complete the relevant tasks. I assume that it’s also needed so you can write accurate reports that the company can then send on to clients.

Higher Education is not Required

CC GameTesters seem to be very open to accepting applicants with no qualifications or higher formal education. And it seems to be more and more common. Employers are realising that degrees and qualifications does not always make applicants qualified for a job. A person’s attitude and demeanor plays a big role in having a positive work environment. And I have experienced it first hand. I have worked many different jobs. Some of which had some very smart people. But they had the worst attitude. And it really negatively affected our workplace.

Reasons to Become a Game Tester

In case working from home and playing video games isn’t obvious enough reasons to become a game tester. Just think about it. You don’t have a boss hovering over you. You can choose your own hours. You get to play new releases before they’re even released! That alone should be enough reasons. Imagine all of your friends waiting for weeks, months or sometimes even years for a game to come out. And you can tell them that you’ve already tried it. Further to all those reasons, you can also use it to kick start your career within the gaming industry.

Why do Game Testers Exist?

This is the question that I would ask myself. What is the purpose of game testers? Well. With the gaming industry growing at such a fast rate, I understand why there is a growing demand for game testers to ensure that the games are the best they can be. I also strongly believe that in this digital world, starting a career as a game tester is a very good decision. The future is gaming. And we’ll probably soon be seeing it in the olympics!